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Hello and welcome to my presence in the web. Like the banner on the left says, this is my personal website, Blog, and some various other stuff of interest (at least to me :-)).

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2019.03.12 - CLT 2019 Slide Deck Finished

More in the original blog-post: 2019.02.10 - Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2019.

2019.02.10 - Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2019

As in most of the past few years, I’ll also attend the Chemnitzer Linux Tage (Chemnitzer Linux Days) this year. For those that don’t know the event, it’s a local Linux Conference in Germany, in the town of Chemnitz, on the campus of the Technical University of Chemnitz. Here is the link for the event: CLT2019.

This year I’ll also hold a talk there: Modern Mainframes and Linux Running on Them. There is a short abstract on the linked site, also including a link to a 1-page short-paper with some more information. In one sentence: it’s about Mainframes and Linux; Linux is running on the Mainframe.

I’ll post the charts here, once I have them, but they are also gonna be posted on the event page. If you are interested in the topic, and on the CLT, make sure to join the talk ☺.

Update 2019.03.12 - First Version of the Slide-Deck is Finished

I finished the first version of the slide-deck: Modern Mainframes & Linux Running on Them.

I managed to more or less follow what I wrote in the abstract/short-paper. Obviously I can’t go into too many details, but I think its a nice overview for someone who hasn’t come in contact with a IBM Z Mainframe yet, and wonders whats it all about.

In my quest to not use PowerPoint (or compatible OpenSource software), I created the whole thing in Latex (LuaTex), using Beamer and the Metropolis theme - adapting the color-theme and adding IBM’s own font face Plex.

Let’s see how it works on Sunday.

2018.12.26 - Content for the About Me and Résumé Page

Finally found some time to write some content for the About Me and Résumé page. Not much more to tell here, if you are interested, click on the link.

2018.11.04 - First Blog Entry and used Toolchain

This is the first Blog entry here, it’s more of a test for me to see whether this style of website-generation works for me. But because there is no other content here right now, I’ll let it stay :-).

Used Toolchain

Like you can see in the footer, I created this website using only sphinx and the alabaster theme. Usually this sphinx is used as tool to generate source-code documentation (for example, you might know it from its use in the python universe), but I figured it also makes for a nice tool to generate websites. My hope is that this will stay longer active and maintained as toolchain for static website generation than many of the other tools that have been created for the same purpose in the past.

And an other huge plus is - at least in my books - that the basic website works without any JavaScript and cookies. Sphinx also adds some JavaScript sauce to the mix, but I found in a way that makes the website still perfectly usable if you use browser add-ons like uMatrix or NoScript.

There is not as much support for pure website generation and content management in sphinx than in other tools that specialise in this, but I think as long as you understand python and you don’t want to get too fancy with it, it should be fine. Apart from python, which is used as implementation language for sphinx, and as configuration-language for the project/website, the content is written in reStructuredText. This is a markup language similar to markdown, but with more options for structured writing.

For reference, here is some websites I used as resource in the course to create this:

Have a nice day.

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