2021.06.26 - Hiking from Warmbronn to Stuttgart

Warmbronn, part of the city Leonberg, is a small village in the west of Stuttgart. Getting there without a car is a bit of a hassle 😅 - took me over an hour by bus and railway, even though, if you look on the map, it should be rather close. Anyway.

The space outside the village is a bit of open space - fields and such -, but before long you get back into the forst outside of Stuttgart.

To get back to my home, I mainly followed these tracks this time: Warmbronn - Sindelfingen Martinskirche, Rundwanderweg 2, Rundwanderweg 1, Blauer Balken auf weißem Grund, Roter Punkt auf weissem Grund, Rotes Kreuz, Solitude - Leinfelden. There is a couple of small hills you have to go up, but nothing too bad.

Along the way, outside of Warmbronn, there is also two pubs in the forest. One - the Waldeck - is just 10 to 15 minutes outside of the village; the other - the Fischerhütte am Hölzersee - is about 45 to 60 minutes by foot, if you go from Warmbronn. The second one seems like a nice place to go for a drink, and sit next to the small lake; once this COVID-19 bullshit is over, I shall do that.