2021.07.11 - Big Trees, and a Place of Murder

When I was out and about this week, I started at the same place as last week - in Bebenhausen - but I went into the opposite direction, towards Waldenbuch.


The map was made with the tools at https://www.gpsvisualizer.com/.

The way is mostly in the forest. It only opens up with some fields and meadows once you get near Waldenbuch. After the rain over the last days and weeks, the forest was pretty muddy, and it turns out, not all trails that you see in Openstreetmaps are all that “solid”/well maintained 😅.

I came across a place of murder in the middle of the forest! The trail was pretty cold already though.. from the 19th century 😉. Towards Waldenbuch - south of the “Braunäcker” - there is also a giant redwood in the forest, also from the 19th century. I didn’t really expect that.