2021.06.19 - Visiting the Birkenkopf in Stuttgart

Now its really summer 🥵. I went to the memorial site “Birkenkopf”, a small hill on the west side of Stuttgart. Its a nice place from where you can see big parts of the city and sou rounding areas - the view is great. Not sure how many people are there during normal times, right now its less than a handful.

For the way there, I mostly walked the hiking trails Rotes Kreuz, Solitude - Leinfelden, and Martinusweg Mittelroute (although just a very small part of that).

The way mostly leads through forest, but also past a few smaller memorial stones and plates, and past a few small lakes - the “Katzenbachsee”, “Bärensee”, “Neuer See”, and the “Pfaffensee”.

Oh yeah, if you don’t want to walk there all the way, there is also a bus stop just a few minutes away. You still have to “climb” up the hill, but there is a road 😉 (only for pedestrians).