2021.07.03 - From the Monastery in Bebenhausen, Across the Natural Preserve Schönbuch, to Ehningen

As of late, this was my longest walk yet: 23 km. Starting in Bebenhausen, a small village north of Tübingen, I crossed the natural preserve Schönbuch, and eventually - after my feet started to hurt like crazy, maybe I need to get other shoes - ended up in Ehningen.


The map was made with the tools at https://www.gpsvisualizer.com/.

In Bebenhausen there is a small monastery, or at least the buildings left from one. As far as I can tell its not used anymore, other than for tourists. Otherwise Bebenhausen seems like a nice place, too. Although there is not that much more in it.

From the village its only a short way to get to the natural preserve. You notice once you get to the gates 😅. I went up the Bromberg to come across whats left over of a small hermitage from the 13th century. There is not all that much to see anymore, and the ruins are rather overgrown by now, but it must have been pretty hermitty there when it was still in use 🧙.

Outside of the natural preserve again, going more or less north, the next village on the way is Hildrizhausen. I didn’t really have any big impression from there. Like I said, eventually I ended up one more village to the north: Ehningen. I didn’t really plan to, but I ended up right next to the Germany headquarters of my employer.

So now I even know a new way of how to get there. It took me six hours.. and I probably could not really have worked afterwards, but you know.. at least its a scenic route.