2021.06.12 - Walking from Waldenbuch Back Home Again

Ouff.. its getting hotter outside ☀️. Instead of starting at my home, and going elsewhere, this week I started elsewhere and went home again. Starting in Waldenbuch I mainly followed two hiking trails by the “Schwäbischer Albverein”: Rotes Kreuz, Musberg - Waldenbuch, Blauer Balken auf Weißem Grund II.

In Steinenbronn it seems like the first trail is a bit badly signposted.. at least I went the wrong way once. Anyway, wasn’t a big detour.

The track between Waldenbuch and Steinenbronn is mostly clear of the forest, on one sign its called the “Schönbuchlichtung”. The small borough “Hasenhof” seems like a nice place, albeit a bit far off the beaten tracks.

I also came across a shiny bug; looked a bit like a artifact in a computer game 😅.